The central goal of the CAWC has been to increase the independence, self-determination and social connectedness of people of Croatian background by:

(a) providing information, advice, support and advocacy as well liaising on behalf of people of Croatian background who are experiencing barriers to accessing mainstream service because of language and cultural barriers,

(b) coordinating information workshops in Croatian of information that is readily available in the community in English,

(c) liaising and providing information to local government agencies about the needs of people of Croatian background, and

(d) helping break down the social isolation of people of Croatian background. The CAWC is well known and strongly supported by the members of the Croatian community in Sydney. The Centre has well established links with the broader community, government and non-government agencies.

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The Croatian Australian Welfare Centre Cooperative Limited (CAWC) was established in 1981 with the central goal of breaking down the barriers experienced by people of Croatian background. The CAWC has provided social welfare services and run various projects over the past 30 years for people living in the Sydney Metropolitan Area whose primary language is Croatian. The 2001 Burea of Statistics data showed there were 18,420 people who identified themselves as being Croatian of which close to 70% would be 60 years or over by 2010. Many of these Seniors speak minimal or no Croatian. Thus, for the past five years, the CAWC has focused its limited resources to supporting the seniors and disadvantaged in the Croatian community... more

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